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The Crosman Stinger P30T Pistol is a sidearm that packs a serious punch in the field.

Crosman. Crosman storm xt, crosman pellet gun and crosman r34 internal

This gun features a hop-up propulsion system for impeccable firing accuracy, 15 Rd magazine, and shoots at a velocity of 325 fps (using .12g BBs).

<b>Crosman</b> <b>Stinger</b> R34 Combo. Airsoft <b>guns</b> -

Crosman Stinger R34 Combo. Airsoft guns -

The spring-powered shooting of the Crosman Stinger P30 is an appealing option for airsoft enthusiasts. P30.pdf

Spring-powered guns are known for their reliability in the field, and feature very few breakable components.Crosman stinger s32p p36 camo

Stinger air gun crosman manual:

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