Audiovox car alarm installation manual

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System, simply press and release any transmitter button other than the disarm button.

How to Install an Audiovox Car Alarm -

This action will turn off the siren yet leave the vehicle fully armed and protected.

Operating Instructions for the <i>Audiovox</i> AX510

Model APS-25E - VOXX Electronics

This feature is particularly useful if you are aware of children playing near your vehicle that may accidentally trger your This system will inform you if an intrusion attempt has occurred while you were away from the vehicle.

Installation Manual - VOXX Electronics

If an intrusion attempt has occurred, the siren/horn will chirp 4 times and the parking lhts will flash 3 times when disarming the system.Free Car Alarm Wiring and Install Tips - Wiring

Audiovox car alarm installation manual:

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